.BANK has arrived!

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First National Bank of Sycamore’s website has a fresh, new look! We are excited to bring you a website that not only gives you a place to access your accounts but is filled with relevant information.

Not only does our website have a new look, but it has also changed from a .com to a .BANK domain. Shifting to a .BANK domain provides a more secure web address for our customers. The .BANK at the end of a website URL is a simple visual cue confirming that the website is authentic and is owned by the bank.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • What is .BANK? .BANK is a secure domain exclusively for verified banks, replacing historical domains. It ensures authentic communication providing confidence, trust, and security. You’ve likely visited government, educational, or non-profit websites and noticed .gov, .edu, or .org in the address. These extensions identify the organizations’ unique characteristics. The .BANK domain is similar in that it readily tells you the website you’ve found is a bank.
  • Why is .BANK more secure? .BANK verifies all banks and mandates and monitors for compliance with specific security requirements. To obtain the .BANK extension, banks across the U.S. must complete a verification and authentication process run by fTLD, an affiliate of the American Bankers Association. The fLTD organization manages the .BANK domains and re-verifies bank eligibility annually. Having a .BANK domain means hackers can’t create lookalike addresses to phish for personal information and steal identities, a practice that’s easier to accomplish with a .com extension.
  • Do I need to do anything differently with .BANK? Our current www.fnbsycamore.com address will redirect you automatically to our new sycamore.BANK website when it goes live. If you have the .com address saved to your browser favorites or saved as desktop shortcut, you will need to update those with our new address.
  • Why haven’t all banks moved to .BANK? Moving from a .com to a .BANK extension isn’t required; it’s a business decision each bank makes based on resources and priorities. First National Bank of Sycamore takes securing your information seriously and wants to provide a higher level of security for our customers.Visit or call us us with any additional questions, including the .BANK domain change. Thank you for your trust in us.